Resources from Seattle Tutoring Coalition Trainings and Events

October 20, 2018 All city tutor training

Brain Science and Brain Breaks, Lori Dunn and Josie Watanabe

Literacy 101 Essentials of Teaching Reading, Alexis Acciani and Cassy Charyn

Literacy 101 (Presenter Handout)

April 12, 2018 Training - what students want volunteers to know

What Students Want Volunteers to Know - Notes and Ideas from the Session

March 28, 2018 Training - Behavior management

Using Proactive Practices to Prevent Unwanted Behaviors and set the Conditions for Learning (Presenter PowerPoint), Reeba Miller

Behavior Quick Reference Charts (Presenter Handout)

Scenarios and Strategies (Presenter Handout)

January 27, 2018 TRAINING - teaching middle and high school writers

Teaching Middle and High School Writers (Presenter PowerPoint), Molly Montague

Teaching Middle and High School Writers (Presenter Handout)

Writing an Effective Thesis Statement (Presenter Handout)

Bureau of Fearless Ideas Programs - the Toolkit (Presenter Handout)

Tutoring Lesson Plan Template (Presenter Handout)

October 21, 2017 TRAINING

Educator Toolkit for a Clean Dream Act, Ray Corona

#HeretoStay Toolkit, Ray Corona

Cultural Humility, Aaron Franco-Ross

Help! How can I Help Students with Elementary Math?, Anna Box

Help! How can I Help Students with Middle School Match?, Elissa Farmer

Positive Discipline for Elementary Age Students, Ximena Grollmus

Positive Discipline for Middle School Students, Ximena Grollmus

Positive Discipline Encouragement vs. Praise Statements

Seattle Public Schools new English Language Arts Curriculum and what to Expect, Kelli Kapahua Vitale

february 11, 2017 TRAINING

Supporting Children and Teens for Healthy and Whole Development, David Lewis

Working with Students with Learning Disabilities, Reeba Miller

Creating a Youth Centered Climate through Purposeful Questions Handouts, Anne Arias

Creating a Youth Centered Climate through Purposeful Questions Post-Workshop Resources, Anne Arias

Homework is Boring! How to keep Students Engaged Post-Workshop Resources, Karen Summers

October 22, 2016 TRAINING

Calm Connections: Foundations for Working with Students, Daneen Bowen

What Youth Want Volunteers to Know, students from Douglas Truth Library service learning group

Beyond Tutoring 101, Qanani Kalil and Sara Mar

Math Challenges Faced by ELL Students, Rachel Wallerstedt

Middle School Math, Audrey Roach

February 6, 2016 Training

Middle and High School Writing, Alicia Craven

Working with English Language Learners, Teresa Wang

Behavior 101, Lyndsay Morris 

Middle and High School Math, Audrey Roach

High School Math, Elissa Farmer


October 24, 2015 Training

Key Note Speaker, Julietta Skoog

Writing 3-5, Kristen Barnes

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Tutoring 101