Want to learn more to better support your student?

Here are some helpful links and resources in math & literacy. 

Math Resources 

Learn Zillion: Learn Zillion offers teachers a variety of instructional supports, but we specifically love their brief instruction videos geared towards a student audience. These videos can be a helpful resource to use with your students or on your own!

YouCubed from Stanford University: These are FREE Online class in math concepts from Stanford University. Search for free online classes in growth mindset, number sense, math games and more! 

Khan Academy: This website is a great resource for common core K-12 math, science, and other topics. Create a FREE online account and keep track of your students’ progress. When you’re having trouble understanding a math concept, simply type in the topic and you will find helpful videos and practices problems!    

Common Core Sheets: This website has a simple design with common core activities for math, English and much more. Download worksheets in your student’s grade level or current lesson being learned in the classroom! 

Geogebra: This website allows students to map out and play with geometry and algebraic concepts in a visual format.

Literacy Resources 

Vocabulary.com: This website is free—so create an account now for building vocabulary prowess!  

Free Rice: This website also provides useful practice in vocabulary, as well as math, Chemistry, geography and much more. For every correct answer you choose, 10 grains of rice are raised to help end world hunger through the World Food program.

The Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas' Writing Tutors Toolkit: This PDF was created by the Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas to guide volunteers in tutoring writing.