Want to learn more to better support your student?

Here are some helpful links and resources in math & literacy. 

Math Resources 

Learn Zillion: Learn Zillion offers teachers a variety of instructional supports, but we specifically love their brief instruction videos geared towards a student audience. These videos can be a helpful resource to use with your students or on your own!

Inside Mathematics: This is a very thorough resource for classroom teachers, but they have videos of demonstration lesson for a wide variety of math topics. Watch the videos to learn the language teachers use in the classroom. 

Illustrative Mathematics: Another thorough resource for classroom teachers. What we find most helpful is their “illustrative tasks” that are organized by topic and Common Core Standard. They lay out problems, and not only give solutions, but often walk through the process of how students can arrive at an answer. 

Achieve the Core: This website helps educators understand and implement Common Core Standards. Their series of “Focus by Grade Level” documents help highlight what Standards are major foci for each grade level, and which play more of a minor, supporting role. Note that this is only a recommendation – Seattle Public Schools and other districts recommend a sequence for teachers to follow, but SPS teachers are not required to teach in that sequence. 

Shifts in Core standards for Math: This will give you a quick overview of understanding common core math now being used in classrooms all over the country.  

Grade-by-grade:  A helpful resource put out by the University of Oregon for parents that summarizes math concepts for each grade level and gives example problems. 

YouCubed from Stanford University: These are FREE Online class in math concepts from Stanford University. Search for free online classes in growth mindset, number sense, math games and more! 

Khan Academy: This website is a great resource for common core K-12 math, science, and other topics. Create a FREE online account and keep track of your students’ progress. When you’re having trouble understanding a math concept, simply type in the topic and you will find helpful videos and practices problems! 

Mathletics: This website is another great place to practice common core math skills in grades K-12. You must pay for membership, but membership includes activities, games, songs and live competition between students at the same grade level.   

Common Core Sheets: This website has a simple design with common core activities for math, English and much more. Download worksheets in your student’s grade level or current lesson being learned in the classroom! 

IXL: This website has many free (limited usage per day) activities for math and language art topics. Search for your topic of interest and find fun activities to test your students’ knowledge!  

Literacy Resources 

Vocabulary.com: This website is free—so create an account now for building vocabulary prowess!  

Free Rice: This website also provides useful practice in vocabulary, as well as math, Chemistry, geography and much more. For every correct answer you choose, 10 grains of rice are raised to help end world hunger through the World Food program.

Seattle Public Libraries: Check out books, research and use their free, online homework help called Brain Fuse

Raz Kids: This is a website that you must pay for membership. Some students are granted access through their school so ask your student’s teacher for more information. This is a website that provides interactive e-books for children K-5 reading levels.  


Other Training Resources

World Vision Training: World Vision offers comprehensive training modules in reading fundamentals, how to keep your student safe and more!

Seattle Public Schools Training for 2015-2016: SPS offers a variety of community training events for partners of Seattle Public Schools and educational advocates. Some opportunities are designed only for community-based organization staff and volunteers, while others are open to both school staff and partners.