Grow your student's "Growth Mindset"

Let's teach kids that practice makes progress! Learn about growth mindset here! 

When it comes to teaching your student about math, how does she behave? Is she motivated and excited to learn a new math topic? Does she believe in her "innate" ability to do math or does she believe in hard work and practice? 

Believe it or not, having a "fixed mindset" (when you believe that you have an innate intelligence) can be very damaging to student's ability to face challenges and grow their abilities through learning.

As described by Jo Boler on her website, our brains are plastic which means that we able to rewire our brains by learning new abilities with practice. For example, the more a student practices a skill (such as adding mixed numbered fractions) the more he will "wire" his brain to understand and master that skill.

The belief in our ability to grow our intelligence is called "growth mindset." However, if a student possesses a "fixed mindset", he will never commit the time and energy to master new skills. This is because the student will think that the skill is too hard and that his innate intellect limits his ability to learn this particular new skill...if only this student had a tutor who could encourage him to try, practice, fail, practice and master this new skill! That's where you come in.

So, get out there and teach your students that we can all succeed with practice and that "practice makes progress!"


By: Gabbie Lanier, Youth Tutoring Program